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Buffalo Men's and Women's Basketball kick off season with Bulls Madness tonight

As we're into the thick of our basketball previews, the season really kicks off tonight with the annual Bulls Madness rally, our first look at both the Men's and Women's teams.

It'll be all the usual stuff: the three-point shooting and dunk contests, a select-your-seat season ticket promotion, and a pep talk from Coach Jack. New this year is a fan/player shooting contest, as well.

Otherwise, there's not much new, other than plenty of faces on both teams. We don't know the lineup for the three-point contest yet, but the dunk contest candidates seem set based on a poll within the UB Rewards app. As usual, UB's using the dunk contest to introduce us to some new players:

MBB dunk contest poll

That's new editor Robby Johnson voting for Willie Conner, by the way. Were I to vote, I'd bet on Ikenna Smart.

For those of us not in Buffalo or otherwise unable to attend, the event will be streamed tonight on UB's usual Ustream. Once it's available I'll try to embed it in this post.


We're also getting our first look at the team posters before Bulls Madness:

I like the women's poster better, but that's just a preference thing - I like to see the whole team in one shot. They are still photoshopped around a bit to mask height differences, though. I am a big fan of the subtle Nate Oats in the men's poster.

Consider this your open thread for tonight.