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Leipold will raid the UB staff, who’s gone?

MAC Football Championship - Ball State v Buffalo
Like a thief in the night, Lance Leipold is coming for the guys you hoped would stick around
Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Nothing is written in stone yet but I’ve heard from several people privately (some from UB, and some from KU), and I’ve seen some noise on twitter. This is all subject to change but it looks like Kansas is going to give Lance Leipold a lot of control over his staff (as opposed to how they handled Gill), this means Lance is going to keep “the band together”.

This below is a moving list of whispers that escape out, who knows what shows up when the dice finally come to rest.

Whose Still wanted by Leipold from Kansas:

  • Jacob Schoonover - Outside Linebackers / Special Teams
  • Emmett Jones - Interim head coach -> Wide Receivers
  • Jonathan Wallace - Running Backs
  • Kwahn Drake - Defensive Line

Note what’s missing there and compare it to what I’ve heard from more than a couple of people at UB.

Who may move to Kansas (per the rumor mill)

  • Rob Ianello - Tight Ends and recruiting at Buffalo... But Ianello has a history at Kansas where many fans blame him for in state recruiting relationships drying up under Weis.
  • Brian Borland - Defensive Coordinator
  • Scott Fuchs - Offensive Line
  • Taiwo Onatolu - Defensive Line, but has experience with CB’s as well
  • Jim Zebrowski - Quarterbacks
  • Simpson - Linebackers

That’s your 10 assistants, nine are allowed by the NCAA so at least one of these is wrong

I have seen Andy Kotelnicki, and Simpson also mentioned elsewhere


If this is even close to right we need to give up on the idea of stability. It would have been nice to retain a majority of the coaches and maybe elevate Zebrowski or Borland to the big seat. But if you’re in a world where you’re only going to keep two, maybe four position coaches you might as well make a hire that fits your identity and try to cut the losses.