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Buffalo Loses in MAC Semi-Final to Bowling Green

#4 seed Buffalo lost their MAC Tournament Semi-Final game to #1 seed Bowling Green 80–67, and the Bulls end the season with a record of 15–9 and 11–6 in the MAC. The Bulls had defeated Bowling Green in both of their regular season games.

The Bulls struggled to generate much offense in the first half, and they trailed 34–26. The Bulls managed to shoot just 30% from the floor in the half, and the only spark came in the second quarter when sophomore guard Jessika Schiffer, on three consecutive possessions, made three point shots, to cut a 12 point lead by Bowling Green down to a 3 point lead.

Although the Bulls offense would fare somewhat better in the second half with 41 points, their defense was porous, allowing the Falcons 46 second half points. The Falcons would build a 19 point lead late in the second half.

The Bulls did not do well at getting their front line involved in the offense, as for the game, just 15 of Buffalo’s 76 shots were from the front line. Even worse, the Bulls offense didn’t pass the ball well, picking up only 7 assists for the game out of 24 made baskets, and their offense involved a lot of dribbling rather than passing. In stark contrast, Bowling Green had 18 assists on 26 made baskets, and their passing was able to find the open player consistently.

The Bulls were led on offense by freshman guard Cheyenne McEvans, who scored 18 points, and sophomore guard Dyaisha Fair, who also scored 18. Fair, who had 30 in the quarter-final match, shot 6-for-25 from the floor (including 2-for-10 from 3-point land). Fair and McEvans were also the team’s leading rebounders, with McEvans setting a career high with 12 and a career high with 8 offensive boards; while Fair had 9 rebounds.


  • In a normal year, this would end the career of senior guard Hanna Hall and senior forward Summer Hemphill. But because of COVID, they are both eligible to return, if they want to.
  • For the game, Buffalo shot just 33% while the Falcons shot 44% (and 48% from beyond the arc).