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Kansas on the hunt, how worried should we be?

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t start following college sports until Turner Gill was hired at Buffalo and the Bulls were no longer the biggest joke in college football. In other words from 2006-2007 going forward.

In that time I’ve come to learn that no matter how bad the P5 program is, you should worry.

I mean Kansas isn’t a dumpster fire, it’s a garbage barge fire. They’ve had one coach with any real success the past 30 years and they had to fire him for off the field issues.

They tried to replace that coach with a young up and comer from Buffalo but the name of Turner Gill. It didn’t really work out, with Kansas firing Gill after two seasons

Part of the problem is that the folks at Kansas are not a patient lot. Giving a coach less than four years to build a program is, well, not a good habit and the Jayhawks have done it with three of their last four coaches.

Any coach they hire has exactly two years to make a team that’s a joke, into a somewhat middle of the pack Big12 team or the pitchforks come out.

So should we be worried that Lance Leipold will bolt?


They are going to roll up a truck full of wheelbarrows and each of those wheelbarrows will be full with cash. Despite Turner Gills short stint at Kansas he walked away with the entity of his six million dollar contract.

It would have taken gill 10-15 years to make that money at Buffalo. Heck that’s much as Frank Solich has made in his first dozen or so years at Ohio. Gill did it in two years.

The down side, A trip to Kansas is a huge risk to derail your current career path. Gill ended up at Liberty which, at the time, was an FCS program. Two years after being a division one coach at Buffalo, Kansas turned Gill into an FCS coach.

But an FCS coach with six million dollars in the bank.

Now Lance has shown patience in his decision making over the years, he clearly could have moved “up” to a better program (DII/FCS) before Buffalo came calling but he waited for the right fit.

Hopefully, for us, Kansas is not the right fit.