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Rooting Interest for Tuesday

As it stands right now UB is the 4th seed in the East but the Bulls do not control their own destiny.

If Buffalo and Ball State both win out, and NIU beats Toledo, then you end up with a three way tie, and the tiebreakers don’t break well for Buffalo.

UB would be 1-2 in the group, BSU would be 3-1. and NIU would be 1-2. ( HatTip to Geoff for calling out my earlier error on twitter )

So Buffalo needs to win out, and get a little help if they want to go right to Cleveland.

This weeks rooting interest:

Game 1:

Bowling Green over Kent State : Kent’s done really bad against Ball State and NIU. UB’s split with them does not help the Bulls as much as the tie would help either BSU or NIU

CMU over Ball State: This would both give UB breathing room over Ball State and help lift up CMU, a team Buffalo is 2-0 against

Akron over Ohio: Besides seeing Ohio lose, which is always nice, the Bulls 1-1 split with Akron this season could help if the tie breakers get messy

Toledo over NIU: This is the BIG one to watch. If Buffalo beats Miami and the Rocket knock down NIU then Buffalo, Ball State, and NIU are all tied. Best of all NIU and Ball State play each other the following week, meaning UB could not end up tied with both teams.