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Liberty Flames Dominate the Buffalo Bulls 35-17

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

There were some high hopes in the UB fan base after the Bulls showed well-ish against Penn State but UB ran into an absolute buzzsaw when they traveled down to Lynchburg to take on the Liberty Flames.

Liberty dominated the Bulls in every conceivable way, except time of possession.

The result was a 35-17 loss which drops UB to 1-2 heading into next weeks game against a very solid Temple Squad.

The Offense:

UB moved the ball, used up clock, but stalled on drive after drive while. Myers looked completely like a freshman quarterback overthrowing targets. Which is sort of understandable given that the receivers hardly ever got any separation.

The running game was effective at moving the ball but not explosive enough to carry an offense that couldn’t throw, especially when the team fell behind.

The Defense:

The Flames quick strike offense piled up points over UB’s over matched defense almost every time they touched the Ball. If you have to pick one worst phase of the game it would be UB’s passing defense.

Through three quarters none of Liberty’s seven scoring drives too more than 3:45, and none needed more than eight plays. I’d call the unit a sieve but that would be an insult to sieves.

Special Teams:

You knew that there could be issues here this week given our backup quarterback was punting and our wide receiver became a holder.

UB was one for three on field goals, but to be fair they missed a 45 and 37 yarder. And they were not missed by too much.

Punting looked like a backup quarterback was doing it...