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NFL 53 Man Roster Projections

Indianapolis Colts v Cincinnati Bengals

Demone Harris - Tampa Bay

Harris is trying to make it onto Tampa’s 53 man roster for a second year. Last year he went though the preseason, was on the last list of cuts, and then landed on the practice squad.

Half way though the year he was called up and saw action in several games.

This year hes put together a few decent series in the preseason but most publications don’t have him making the cut.

Anthony Johnson - Tampa Bay

Most sites have AJ right on the cusp of making the team but coming up just short.

I’ve seen notes that a lot of these projections are based on the fact AJ is not playing a lot of special teams this preseason.

Tyree Jackson - Buffalo Bills

Jackson has put in a lot of work but still looks a little too rough around the edges to be a solid #2 QB in the NFL. He could get there, could have used another year in college, but he might be destined for the Bills Practice Squad.

From there I’d not be surprised to see someone else pick him up.

Cameron Lewis - Buffalo BIlls

Lewis had a great first game against Indy and he was really looking like a possible 5th corner on the Bills 53. Then he suffered a concussion against the Panthers and has kind of dropped off the radar.

Lewis should make the practice squad, I’d not be surprised to see him not on the initial 53 man roster but at some point appearing for Buffalo this season if their corner situation is not solid.

Khalil Mack - Chicago Bears

I think he’s safe... I might even bet the farm on him making the roster

Chuck Harris - Chicago Bears

Harris has not stood out as an edge rusher, and that’s kind of why he was brought in to the defense. The team was very high on him when they signed him so that might earn him a season on the practice squad to see if he could develop.

Roubbens Joseph - Washington Redskins

Joseph is probably going to end up in the CFL again, not projections have him near the bubble for the 53 man in Washington.

Steven Means - Atlanta Falcons

Means was probably going to end up on the 53 man roster but he hurt his Achilles... It’s hard to know if Atlanta will keep him on IR or release him.

James O’Hagan - New York Giants

I’ve checked a few projections and O’Hagan is not mentioned anywhere as either a bubble or practice squad candidate.

Mason Schreck - Cincinnati Bengals

ESPN is projecting Schreck as a 4th tight end this season. He has shown well enough and not made any huge errors through three games.


Honorable Mention

Drew Anderson - Arizona Cardinals

Got an email from a reader pointing out that Drew fAndreson is making a very good showing in Arizona