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Bulls Fall to UConn 79-68

Buffalo v Texas Tech Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bulls rolled into Charleston looking confident coming off of their 12 point win over Harvard on Saturday. In the first half the Bulls controlled the tempo against UConn and were able to score at will in transition giving them a lead of up to seven. Coming out of halftime the game transitioned to more of a halfcourt game, and the Bulls were unable to keep up with the Huskies. As the pace slowed UConn was better able to utilize their size advantage and control the glass. The Huskies lead ballooned as high as nine there were possessions where UB players looked panicked and launched threes before a pass was made. The halfcourt struggles ultimately doomed the Bulls.

The Bulls will face the Towson Tigers in the first game of the consolation bracket tomorrow night at 7.