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MAC Power Rankings

Buffalo v Miami Ohio Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Ok so sue me... I think Miami and Ohio are playing the best ball in the conference right now. And I think Toledo is probably playing better ball than NIU is at the moment.

I don’t remember a year with this much parity in the MAC, ever.

Miami at 6-6 has beaten Ohio, and NIU. They lost to WMU by a point and to Buffalo by nine points after tying Buffalo late in the game.

Ohio lost to NIU by a field goal, Miami by a late safety, and they beat WMU and demolished Buffalo.

NIU got by Toledo but managed to lose to Miami and WMU.

And don’t get me started on Eastern Michigan who’s losses to NIU and WMU came by a combined total of six points.

It’s been a Crazy year in the MAC so why would the two participants in the title game be 12 in the power rankings.

Of course the winner of the title game will get a bump, and if it’s a convincing one it could be a big bump. And after that there are the bowls to consider...

Whelp anyway, here we are.

Team PR Δ Comment Bowl
1 Miami 3 2 The Irony here is that Miami, playing the best ball in the conference right now, may be left out of the Bowls Eligible
2 Ohio 1 -1 If not for a late safety against Miami they would be the MAC East champs, but the MACC drought continues Eligible
3 Buffalo 2 -1 Buffalo shook off that awful performance against Ohio to win the East, can they down NIU though? Yes - TBD
4 Toledo 5 1 All of Toledo's losses this year came against team who will / should be Bowling Yes - Bahamas
5 NIU 4 -1 Not the way you want to wrap up the regular season, but NIU's defense makes them a real challenge for UB Yes - TBD
6 EMU 6 0 EMU is 7-5 this year, Second in the MAC West, 19-18 over the past three seasons, and on their way to another Bowl Eligible
7 WMU 8 1 1-3 finish to the season, but the last week win against NIU was win #7 and should put them in a Bowl. Eligible
8 Ball State 7 -1 Not the season I was expecting, 4-8 might mean a new coach next year for Ball State
9 BGSU 9 0 After the mid season coaching change Bowling Green showed some life, got to wonder if Pelini in in the conversation
10 Akron 10 0 Followed up their division title with a 4-8 season, very disappointing
11 CMU 11 0 Speaking of disappointing and they got a vote to win the MAC in the preseason poll.
12 Kent 12 0 It's not showing on their record, but there have been a few things pointing to Kent starting to build.