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MAC Power Rankings

Team PR Δ Comment Bowl Two Win East
1 Ohio 3 2 It's hard to argue against Ohio playing the best ball in the conference right now. NIU snuck by them a few weeks about and they just curb stomped the Bulls Yes W + UB & Miami Loss
2 Buffalo 1 -1 Athens is, and pretty much always has been a house of horrors. UB needs to win their last game against a surging Bowling Green team Yes W or Ohio Loss
3 Miami 4 1 If you thought Miami's loss to Buffalo all but knocked them out of the division race and the bowls, think again. Win vs BSU W + Ohio Win + UB Loss
4 NIU 2 -2 The loss to Miami changed nothing for NIU, the loss by Buffalo does keep their MACC opponent up in the air Yes
5 Toledo 6 1 Toledo with a solid win to get the bowl eligible. Yes
6 EMU 5 -1 EMU got the week off and saw themselves become the #2 team in the MAC West Yes
7 Ball State 9 2 Ball State got to play spoiler, by beating WMU and handing the west over to NIU. No
8 WMU 7 -1 Western has now lost three in a row an faces NIU in the last week of the season. Could they be a 6-6 team left out of the Bowls again? Yes
9 BGSU 10 1 Two wins in a row and a chance to keep Buffalo from winning the East on Black Friday... Wouldn't be the first time No
10 Akron 8 -2 Akron really needed to beat Bowling Green if they wanted to Bowl, but they didn't play like it. Win vs Ohio & SC
11 CMU 12 1 Had the week off and got bumped up due to Kent's loss No
12 Kent 11 -1 Kent is a rebuilding project, but it's been done before. No