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Minor League Monday

Tom Murphy’s struggles at the plate have not abated themselves since being optioned to AAA. He’s 2 for 19 since going back down to Albuquerque. I don’t recall a time in his professional career when he struggled so badly at the plate.

His game behind the plate is getting stronger, and it’s only a matter of time until he completely comes back from the broken forearm which derailed his season.

Steve Geltz - Still on the seven day DL.

Mike Burke got his second win of the season last night, and only needed to pitch a single out to get it. He’s now 2-0 with a 3.79 ERA in A-Advanced ball.

Nick Sinay has taken 22 for the team in only 37 games. The right fielder has a batting average of .173 but an on base percentage of .590... I don’t think swinging the bat like he is will see a lot of advancement but his “anything for the team” may keep him in A ball long enough to get better at actually hitting his way on base.

Mike Kaelin just keeps putting in strong innings. He’s not light the place on fire but in hist first year of minor league ball he five and two with an ERA in the mid 3’s.

Blair Lakso got his first professional win on Saturday, afer a really rocky fourth of July performance it’s good to see him quickly recover.

Logan Harasta has not picthed in more than a week.