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White North Wednesday

104th Grey Cup Championship Game Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The Biggest news of the day is that Drew Willy and Ernest Jackson are back together again.

Willy was cut by Toronto late in the preseason was just picked up by Montreal. This the fourth CFL team that Willy has played for, that’s nearly half the league.

And, in case you forgot, Ernest Jackson was one of most high profile free agents after a spectacular 2016 which culminated which catching the pass that won the Ottawa’s Grey Cup. Montreal brought him on shortly after the free agency period began.

All we need is for Saskatchewan to offer up Naaman Roosevelt in trade and it will be a regular Gill Era get together in Montreal.

Speaking or Naaman. He and Jackson were on opposing sidelines this past week. Roosevelt, in his first action since a season ending knee injury last year, pulled in seven reception for 59 yards.

Jackson caught two passes for 16 yards and a touchdown. Montreal prevailed 17-16.

Natey Adjei made the tackle on the Eskimos season opening kickoff, but did little else in that game.

Dillon Guy and Jake Silas are both on the one game IR and each of their teams could really used their presence on the line, hopefully the heal up soon.