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The Bull Herd: Monday 6/26/17

Happy Monday to everyone! I hope this weekend was a good one for everyone, and you’re once again ready for a week of Buffalo Bulls related links. So let’s get to it!

As many of you may know, I’m very involved with True Blue. As an Eboard member I’m excited for this upcoming year and all that comes with a 10th anniversary. Here’s a small little teaser for a big upcoming reunion event for the first weekend of the football season, so keep your eyes open for more upcoming announcements about the event!

Jayvon Graves is one of the incoming freshman to the men’s basketball team, and he along with all other freshman athletes have been reporting to campus. It’s an exciting time for the young athletes and I hope they enjoy all that Buffalo has to offer.

I posted about this on Friday that the Ride for Roswell was happening on Saturday. This event was wonderful and I’m glad I had the chance to volunteer for it. In total 4.6 million dollars was raised and that is just an absolutely amazing accomplishment for such a great organization.

That’s all for today. I hope your Monday hasn’t been too long. I’ll be back tomorrow for more exciting news in the UB world. Until then, go Bulls!