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The Bull Herd: Friday 6/23/17

TGIF everyone! It’s been a jam packed week in the UB sports world with the announcement of the field house and various sports drafts. So let’s see what we have in store for the end of the week.

The tweet says all you need to know about Caleb Covell’s performance (although it looks like he got 6th not 7th). UB XCTF often goes under the radar but they have a lot of talent in their teams, so make sure to keep an eye out for more results.

Happy Birthday Dontay Caruthers! He may have been one of my favorite players to watch last year as he always seemed to be doing the right thing. I also think he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve seen around campus. I also LOVE how he’s representing my hometown of Rochester. Enjoy your day Dontay.

Lastly my non sports link of the day. Tomorrow is the Ride for Roswell, a wonderful charity bike ride that finishes at the Amherst campus! They have many different routes from one mile to one hundred miles. One goes through Canada that my dad will be riding tomorrow, and I will be out parking cars at 5AM. If you’re coming to the ride or around the area, feel free to stop by and say hi, it’s a wonderful day and a great charity event.

That’s all for today and this first week. I hope these posts are starting to flow a little better and I can continue developing this series as the summer progresses. I’ll be back on Monday, so until then, go Bulls!