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The Bull Herd: Wednesday 6/21/17

Another day, another group of tweets and links around the UB community. Let’s jump right in to it and get started.

Former Buffalo Bulls pitcher and new San Francisco Giants draftee Logan Harasta signed today! Congrats Logan and we hope to see you in the pros one day!

Here’s kind of a sad link for me. If you go to former UB Men’s Soccer Coach Dave Carmichael’s twitter, you can see it is all decked out in Cal Poly items. I really would’ve loved to see him reunite with Stu Riddle but I hope he finds all the success he would’ve found in Buffalo there.

Here’s a final, non sports link. The university has just been awarded some grants to hire more scholars for the university! So if you’re an alumni in any of the listed fields, perhaps they have a place for you!

That’s all for today, there wasn’t much going on in the athletic world but never fear, every day brings a fun new mystery with this department! Until tomorrow, go Bulls!