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White North Wednesday - Toronto Cuts Drew

BC Lions v Winnipeg Blue Bombers Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images

Drew Willy -

A couple years ago he was an up and coming quarterback taking over in Winnipeg. He put up great numbers to start with but eventually a swiss cheese line got drew beat up and knocked out.

He never really recovered in Winnipeg and then was traded to Toronto, where he never really got a shot.

The Argo’s cut Willy this week, during the last round of CFL preseason cuts.

As a free agent he may get picked up as a backup somewhere else in the CFL. He has shown, in Saskatchewan, that he is a good guy to have in a pinch.

Ernest Jackson -

Montreal hopes to turn their season around and Jackson will have a lot to do with it

Naaman Roosevelt -

Named one of the top 50 players heading into this years CFL regular season.

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Jake Silas is coming back from his shoulder injury, Dillion Guy is fighting for a roster spot with the riders, and Natey Adjei is going to make the roster in Edmonton.