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Buffalo Bulls Men’s Basketball Game Preview: Miami Redhawks

It feels so nice that game day is back to feeling like a holiday again. The Bulls are coming off a fast-paced and nerve-racking game against CMU, in which UB managed to hang on for victory. Led by CJ Massinburg, Buffalo got out of town with a 99-93 victory and most importantly, a five game winning streak. Now the Bulls return back home to alumni to take on the Miami(OH) Redhawks.

The last time these two teams played, Buffalo squandered a big second half lead, before eventually losing by one on a late free throw. Miami(OH) is the worst team in the MAC, and it is not a team the Bulls should have lost to. However, they did. That’s now in the past as since that game the Bulls have put together six straight strong performances, including five wins. If the UB keeps it going like they have recently, this should be another victory in the winning streak. Let’s take a look at what to watch for.

What to Watch For

Can the Bulls get an early lead and keep it

I expect the Bulls to dominate this game all the way through. That being said, there is a reason they play the games. If they play like they should, Buffalo should be out to a big lead early. Are they able to keep it? Last time, the Bulls were relying on the three to keep building their lead, and it cost them the game. If they continue to pound the ball inside off the dribble or with drop passes to David Kadiri, they should be able to put this game out of reach early.

Who steps up this game?

Recently it feels like every game someone new steps up. Which is great. Dontay Caruthers vs. BGSU, CJ Massinburg and Willie Conner vs. CMU. All wonderful performances. I expect Nick Perkins to have a big game. I think that he’s been waiting to have another breakout game, and now is the time. Miami has weak inside defense and Perkins may just be too physical for them to handle. Don’t be surprised if you see a big game from numerous Bulls however.

Is the focus there from the start?

Buffalo has a big week coming up. Kent State and Akron are looming, and sometimes it’s easy to overlook a team like Miami. Last year they came in to Alumni and shocked the Bulls. This won’t happen if UB takes them seriously from the start, but it begins with focus. If they make the extra pass, look for good shots, and fight for every ball, expect a win. If they overlook the Redhawks, don’t be shocked if it’s a tough fight to the finish.

Final Thoughts

I can’t stand saying this, but I feel like this will be a win. As scared as I am since the Albany game, this feels different. This is some of the best basketball I’ve seen UB play in the past two years, and this is a weaker opponent than usual. We’ve been dominating good and bad teams recently, and I think it continues. The offense is good, the defense is better, and the Bulls are rolling. Enjoy the game tomorrow, and don’t forget to bring food donations if you’re able to help True Blue.