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Jaylin Nolden - Defensive End - Buffalo Bulls Recruiting

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Buffalo Bulls head coach Lance Leipold and his recruiting coordinator, Rob Ianello, both seem very intent on stacking UB’s 2017 signing class with linebackers and linemen. Several of the players recently discussed on Bull Run will be members of the linebacker corps and today we bring a defensive end.

Jaylin Nolden is one of the more lightly recruited players signing with the Bulls this year. The Euclid, Ohio native has just a single offer outside of the Bulls. Nolden’s other suter is Saint Francis of the football Championship Subdivision.

ESPN lists Nolden as a offensive lineman and 247 lists him as a weak side defensive end. It’s hard to see where he fits because if the sites are correctly listing his measurable he needs work for either of the positions on an FBS ball club.

His bench is 290 and his jerk is 250. But the real things that point at a need for strength and conditioning is that he does not have Will speed (5.33 in the 40) and he does not have the size for an offensive lineman (213 pounds).

So this looks like a project signing, or he is getting looked at for a different position. Perhaps the staff sees something in him that will project well at the FBS level.

Check out his video and let me know what you think.