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Consider joining the Bull Run writing team

We need more writers. Interested?

It probably goes without saying that this past year was Bull Run's biggest year yet. We continue to improve, to learn what you all like to read, and get lots of good stuff to talk about from UB Athletics. It certainly helps that our growing readership is so active on Twitter, Facebook, and especially in our comments section.

We could use more writers. We found a good groove this past year, and the flurry of FanPosts towards the end of basketball season was great. But now Dave has moved on to "more important" things like "my wife and kids" and Tim's family is expecting an addition, as well. Conrad's real life might really limit his football contributions as well. Between Tim, Conrad, myself, and John, we cover everything well, but there's not a lot of room if someone's life gets busier.

Right now's a particularly good time to get started, too, since news is slower in the summer. We haven't started to plan out our fall strategy yet, and there's time for you to get on board and accustomed before the busy times start again in late August.


The level of commitment is up to you, but Tim's rule of thumb is that writers should at minimum plan on one piece a week.

Once they start writing, new writers can expect their pieces to appear in the main page once approved by an editor. We have a real need for more people who want to write about football and who can help spread the general workload.

Additionally, we've learned from the past that we need regularity and writers who engage in our whole site - not someone who writes an article here and there and rarely comments on other pieces. Longer readers will remember a few writers who have started up and been gone after a month or two, or produced pieces seemingly at random intervals. That's fine, but more appropriate for FanPosts (see below).

If that sounds like something you'd like, leave a comment on this post and we'll go from there. You need an SB Nation account anyway, and we want to encourage comments and writers who interact with their readers.

If for whatever reason that isn't up your alley, there are always FanPosts, which you can find on the right sidebar. John and I both started writing FanPosts before getting more invested in the blog, and we had some really strong ones this past year. A few people writing more FanPosts could be just as valuable as another hand or two on the masthead.

FanPosts are perfect if you want to write, but don't want to make too much of a commitment, can't keep a regular schedule or want your stuff to publish right away. We usually bring good FanPosts up onto the main page anyway, and our readers know to look for and comment on them.


Thanks, guys. Go Bulls