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Pro Day Results

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

There are no first round draft picks on the line this season so UB's pro day has been a more low key affair than last seasons event. There is a chance though that a Bull can springboard off of the 2015 pro day to an NFL camp.

The full list of Bulls who worked out for NFL scouts is:

Dalton Barksdale, Nick Brock, Colton Caldwell, Patrick Clarke III, Andre Davis, John Dunmore, Devon Hughes, Cortney Lester, Tedroy Lynch, Brian Orzechowski, Adam Redden, Kendall Roberson, Trevor Sales, Witney Sherry, Jake Silas, Lee Skinner,Kristjan Sokoli, Jake Stockman, Dwellie Striggles.

Even without Khalil Mack the event drew scout and coaches from the NFL. While I've not seen a finalized list the preliminary group of expected scouts included staff from the Following NFL teams.

The Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos, New England, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Bucs, and the Arizona Cardinals.

Someone really tied into the NFL might be able to look at the more likely UB NFL candidates and see where these teams might be looking to spend a late round pick on say Sokoli or Davis. I'm sure as time goes on we will see some UB seniors invited to private workouts.

Here are some of today's highlight via Twitter.

Dalton Barksdale

Adam Redden

Lee Skinner

Boomer Brock

Trevor Sales

Kristjan Sokoli

Andre Davis