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Buffalo Bulls New Online Store

Yes... It's about time!
Yes... It's about time!

We've talked in the past about areas in which UB's desire to be a big time program had yet to manifest itself. One of those areas had been the Bulls online store which look to have been cobbled together by a few first year CS students in the mid 90's.

Well finally the program is moving forward with a new site which is best on the Advanced Apparel platform used by many other college programs. It's leaps and bounds ahead of the old site in both presentation and the products. You can check it out at

Maybe someone from UB wants to license these? I have a pile in my basement and "everything has to go"

Unfortunately they won't carry this Kraken Gear but hey that's what Bull Run is for.

What they will provide is a huge variety of of gear with the logo of your choice! Want to send a message about hating the "New York" logo? Go ahead and buy a shirt with the interlocking UB.

If you wondering why this has taken so long suffice it to say that getting something like this done on a UB campus involves approval from a lot of areas, and like all things political that takes time.

While the current selection is great I've been told that there will be a broader selection of things coming as agreements are reached between the school and vendors.

Little things like this add up, lets hope to see more UB gear on the streets of Buffalo and on UB's campus.