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Recap of First Quarter - Bull 14 Miami 7

Great first quarter by the Bulls.

On a perfect day in Amherst the Bulls take MAC foe Miami.

Miami moves the ball on its first drive and scores in 2:25 seconds.   A deep ball that was badly underthrown the receiver came back for.  Miami pounded the ball but ultimately threw for the TD.

Buffalo 0 Miami 7

Licata takes the field and moved the ball until the drive stalled.  Licata overthrew a wide open Willoughby but a roughing the passer kept the drive alive.  Martinez, who is working hard to get more playing time, scores on a beautiful slant too tie the game.

Buffalo 7 Miami 7

Buffalo forgets to cover the kick and Miami has a 54 yard return.  Jake Stockman on third down makes a great tackle in the backfield.  If he didn’t it would have been a huge gain for Miami.  Big stop after a terrible kickoff coverage.

Buffalo 7 Miami 7 

Taylor is showing great patience and letting this line opening holes right up the middle.  Joe Licata does a great job hitting multiple receivers.   Terrible holding call on Kling after a great route and catch by Martinez.  Big third down conversion by Bulls on 3 & 9.

Great move by Weiser to spin out of tackle and scores with 3:39 left in the first quarter.  No drop this week. 

Buffalo 14 Miami 7

Buffalo getting zero pressure on the QB but secondary playing really well.   Buffalo forces a three and out.  Miami to punt again. 

Buffalo 14 Miami 7

Buffalo starts with under 3 minutes and runs twice for n gain.  On third down Martinez over the middle and Licata with a strike to move the sticks.  1:12 and clock is running.  No sense of urgency on last drive.  I do not understand the offense.  Would have loved to see Bulls score there.

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