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So what is your number?

It is time to start speculating on the Bulls. That is what we do in summer time....

Scott Cunningham

The Bulls 2013 season will be without a question of doubt a very interesting year. The stakes and expectations have never been this high. I will even say higher than the 2008 MAC Championship season. The reason why expectations are so high is Bo, Neutz, Licata, Johnson, and Mack. No disrespect to Way, Lee, the O Line, and etc. but these players are difference makers on the college football field. All have proven what they can do on the field with the exception of Licata.

Has Licata proven that he is a top tier MAC QB? Not yet, but from the small sample size that we do have, the feeling of optimism is high in UB land. A second wide receiver and tight end will have to step up to take some heat off of Neutz. Bo is a stud and his playmaking ability will certainly help Licata. Teams cannot take wide routes to try to sack Joe. Bo will torch them. Stack the box to stop Bo, Neutz and company will hurt you as long as the pass is delivered.

What's a real shame? Bo is not appreciated right now. When Bo leaves UB, that is when we will realize how great he is/was. It is like the goalie situation for the Sabres. Sabres have had great goalies like Hasek and Miller and Sabres fans have been very spoiled. From runners like Thermalis and Starks and then to Bo, UB has been extremely spoiled. I can't wait to see what Bo does this year. (How spoiled is Buffalo with the QB situation for the Bills?)

The UB Bulls will have a very solid team. A strong defense that will have some weaknesses but overall be difficult to play against. The jury is really out how great (or mediocre) this offense can be. The talent is in place to have a great year but really boils down to how much Licata can grasp of the play book and his decision making ability. See all my previous rants why Joe was not the starter all of last year to build for this season. Don't get me wrong, Joe is going to make mistakes. He really is still a first year QB. Lost two great O lineman so it will be interesting to see what the transition looks like.

Special teams could be interesting. Who is going to return kicks and punts? I am ok with the kicking game and it has been a couple of years before I felt that.

So here is why the article was written. What is this team going to accomplish in 2013.

Ohio State - I am going to definitely chalk this one up to Ohio State 0 - 1

Baylor - This maybe a game. Wish this game with in Buffalo 0 - 2

Stony Brook - This is a win. Right? Please win? 1 - 2

UCONN - Should have beaten before. Pas has Quinn's Number. 1 - 3

Eastern Michigan - Has our number. Not this year. UB to deep 2 - 3

Western Michigan - Mich teams are down this year. Close game! 3 - 3

UMASS - This is gong to be our Temple. Be scared but for next year 4 - 3

Kent State - Wish this was at home. No confidence in Quinn still. 4 - 4

Ohio Bobcats - Watch out for a nail bitter. Tough loss at home 4 - 5

Toledo - Time to break through the glass ceiling! 5 - 5

Miami (Oh) has to be a win. If you did not know Miami was in OH 6 - 5

BGSU - Hopefully BGSU has the season locked up. 6 - 6

I also think that UB will be passed over for a Bowl Game. I think we will look back at games against UCONN, Kent, and Ohio and say coulda, shoulda, woulda! I can be totally wrong. This team can be better than expected and have a magical season. For me to predict that I have to see Quinn not being outcoached and not still looking lost on the sidelines. I also have to see Joe take a very big step. Not saying it could not happen for Joe. On the high end, everything goes well and its a 8 - 4 season. I cannot see anything lower than 5 - 7. Quin has wins per year of 2, 3, and , 4. I hope that trend is bucked and UB can take a large step up from last year.

I look forward with interest to see the replies as to your thoughts of how this season goes down. I do not want to start thinking about 2014.