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Road To Columbus - Boomer Brock

With a Name like Boomer do we really ned a nickname?
With a Name like Boomer do we really ned a nickname?
With Permission

Welcome to:

Elma, New York

Population - 11,317

Home Of

Boomer Brock

Miles Traveled

6 3 4 2

2013 UB Football



3 8


Miles Away From UB Stadium


Miles Until UB at Ohio State


Year: Senior

Position: Full Back

High School: Iroquois

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Brought to you by Wiki: Fran Striker, the creator of The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet, was killed in a car accident here on September 4, 1962 while moving with his family.

2011 Walked on as a Junior for depth and used a redshirt

2012 Earned the starting job but was one of UB's backfield causalities. In his second game of the year Brock suffered a season ending injury.

2013 Outlook: The evolution of Jeff Quinn's offense has went from no full backs to one, sometimes two. Against UMass last season Brock's backup, Rashad Jean, rushed for 70 yards. Brock came out of spring as UB's starting full back and if the offense is set up anything like last years that means a lot of time opening holes for Oliver while Brock makes the occasional short yardage pluge himself.

Nickname: With a name like Boomer do we really need a nickname.