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Road To Columbus - Brian Orzechowski

Welcome to:

Lockport, New York

Population - 21,165

Home Of

Brian Orzechowski

Miles Traveled

6 2 9 6

2013 UB Football



4 5*


Miles Away From UB Stadium


Miles Until UB at Ohio State


Year: Junior

Position: Punter

High School: Lockport

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Brought to you by Wiki: The Erie canal reached Lockport in 1824, but the locks were not completed until 1825. By 1829, Lockport had become an established village. The community was centered on the locks, and consisted mainly of immigrant Scottish and Irish canal workers, brought in as labor. The workers remained in Lockport after the completion of the locks, giving the city a heavy Celtic influence still discernible today, especially in the neighborhoods of Lowertown and North Lockport.

2012 Walked on as the teams backup punter and used a redshirt.

2013 Outlook: The spring depth chart does not include backups for Kicker or Punter. Still Orzechowski is likely the backup should anything happen to Tyler Grassman

Nickname: Tail Gunner (Orzechowski is an off roader and this term is for the guy who is last in the caravan, like a Punter)