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Buffalo Sports Fan Road Trip Guide for Fall 2013

With the release of the NHL schedule today here is the best road trips for Ex-pats and residents this fall.

Grab tickets to these games...
Grab tickets to these games...

#1 - A Triple Serving or Bird & A Double Dose of Toronto



Thursday, November 28th Thanksgiving

Come home and eat up.

Friday, November 29th Black Friday

Hit the stores at 6am, start the tailgate at 9:30, and at 1:30 watch the Bulls close out the season against the Bowling Green Falcons at the Ralph . After the Bulls win, travel up the 90 and watch the Sabres take on the hate Toronto Leafs.

Sunday, December 1st

Party like it's 1812, after defeating Toronto in Buffalo, chase them back up the QEW and party in their city center as the Bills take on the NFC powerhouse the Atlanta Falcons.

Travel Tip:

Beat holiday prices by flying into Toronto. Canadian Thanksgiving is October 14th, so November 28th will be just another day north of the border.

Fun Fact:

UB faced Matt Ryan's Boston College team in 2006, but Ryan rested that week and Chris Crane played at QB instead.

#2 - The Tour de Rust Belt



Wednesday, October 2nd

The Sabres open the 2013-14 season with a trip to new Atlantic Conference member the Detroit Red Wings.

Thursday October 3rd

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns. Buffalo's contractually obligated primetime game is in Cleveland. America will complain about being forced to watch this game, but it is always fun when these two teams face off, because Cleveland is the only city that has it as bad as Buffalo.

Friday, October 4th

Head back to Buffalo for the Sabres home opener. Boo Bobby Ryan for no real reason as the Ottawa Senators come to the FNC.

Saturday, October 5th

Finally show up for the Bulls attempt to win the Ontario Sandwich for the first time. UB finishes a 3 game home stand with EMU.

Travel Tip:

For post Bills game eats on the cheap, I go with Whitecastle. The trashy late night fast food joint is everywhere downstate, but no where to be found in Buffalo, but there are a few in Cleveland.

Fun Fact:

The Browns picked their colors based on inspiration from Bowling Green. Paul Brown was inspired to have the ugliest uniforms in the NFL and that legacy lives on today.

#3 - The MACtion Chain: Choose Your Own Adventure



Saturday, November 2nd

The Sabres host the Anaheim Ducks, welcome Emerson Etem back to town.

Sunday, November 3rd

Buffalo Bills host the Kansas City Chiefs. Remember how much swagger Alex Smith had last year while playing the Bills...yea well I hope he enjoyed that because I'm certainly going to enjoy him getting pummeled in the Ralph.

Tuesday, November 5th

The final game at UB Stadium. UB looks to make a move in the MAC East standings in a building that has always haunted Frank Solich.

Sunday, November 10th

The Bills head to Pittsburgh to face the MAC's best product (on the field) Ben Roethlisberger.



Tuesday, November 12th

One of the bests of the west, the LA Kings come to the tickets early, the Kings ample fanbase travels notoriously well. Also, get a suite, because UB kicks off at Toledo 30 minutes after the puck drops.

Travel Tip:

Primanti's is a Pittsburgh staple, but don't fill up, the Heinz field Buffalo chicken dip is amazing.

Fun Fact:

The captain of the LA Kings Dustin Brown is from Ithaca. He is also a dirty dirty player. Despite being too old and slow to be an anchor defensemen, if Robyn Regher does anything remotely good, prepare to hear Sabres fans trash Darcy Reiger. Actually if the sun rises and the world is still here on November 12th, prepare to hear Sabres fans trash Darcy Reiger.

#4 - Buffalo's Finest



Saturday October 12th

Buffalo's finest team, the Bulls, travel to Kalamazoo for a 2pm (eastern) matchup against the Broncos. After disposing of the ponies by 5, get in your car and drive the 2 hours to Chicago, to make the opening faceoff at 8pm (eastern). The Sabres face off against the World Champion Blackhawks and Buffalo's finest Patrick Kane.

Travel Tip:

Head to Public House to unwind after a long day of driving and Sports.

Fun Fact:

Buffalo is producing some quality Hockey talent, if only some major D-1 State University had a hockey team...

#5 - Easy Win Weekend


Saturday, October 19th

The Bulls should get an easy win over the transitioning Minutemen at 3:30 leaving you with enough time to hop on the metro to downtown and see the Sabres take on the Colorado Avalanche at 7.

Travel Tip:

Take the Stampede to the Metro to get downtown without having to drive. Cab back if you plan to stay out past midnight.

Fun Fact:

The 11th game in the Powderhorn series, each team has won 5.

#6 - All-American Weekend



Saturday, September 28th

The Bulls host their rivals from the All-American Conference the UConn Huskies.

Sunday, September 29th,

The Bills host the reigning champions of America's Game, the Baltimore Ravens.

Travel Tip:

My favorite time of year in Buffalo, enjoy the bike paths and the canals as the leaves change, the smell in the air turns to Autumn and Buffalonians enjoy the last bit of warmth for the year.

Fun Fact:

Is Joe Flacco elite enough for Duff's Armageddon wings...maybe but I am not...Medium is hot and that is good enough for me.

#7 - Superman Weekend



Friday, September 13

Solemnly atone for sins, or party like there is no tomorrow. No classes after 6pm for Yom Kippur means your Friday is wide open. But if you had class scheduled on Friday after 6, you kinda have already lost in the game of college life.

Saturday, September 14th

Stony Brook comes to town to make us feel like Supermen. Khalil Mack will have 10 sacks. BO will run for 300. Licata will go 10 for 10 for 10 touchdowns all to Alex Neutz. This will happen in the 1st half.

Sunday, September 15th

The Bills host the Panthers and real life Superman Cam Newton. Some things do not make sense until you see them in person...Chip Kelly's offense was like that for me. I do not understand how he can be so big and so fast, I'm also hoping that if he loses to the Bills his eyes will roll so hard during the post game conference his eyes fall out of the sockets. Pound cake...french fries.

Travel Tip:

Avoid the 90 west as SUNY SB's legion of travelling fans should, I'm being told no that wont happen. But seriously, the last Stony Brook game was one of the highest attended games at UB Stadium, and it is the home opener of a highly anticipated season, so get there early, and make sure you buy your seats early, or you just may end up sky high or even worse sitting on one of those end zone flaps.

Fun Fact:

I always hated Cam Newton's celebration. He runs 4.4 for 60 yards, then he reveals that he is Superman, which means Cam Newton does not grasp the concept of a secret identity. I contend after scoring, Newton's celebration should be to button his dress shirt back up, fix his tie and put on his glasses.