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Road To Columbus - Mike Gelz

Welcome to:

Clarence, New York

Population - 30,673

Home Of

Mike Gelz


Miles Traveled

6 3 1 1

2013 UB Football



4 4


Miles Away From UB Stadium


Miles Until UB at Ohio State


Year: Sophomore / Freshman

Position: Full Back

High School: Clarence

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Brought to you by Wiki: Clarence was the first town to be established in Erie County (1808), and many other towns, villages, and cities have been formed from parts of this original town. In 1810, the town of Buffalo, from which the city of Buffalo later originated, was divided out of Clarence.

2012 Highlights: Red Shirt

2013 Outlook: Gelz was not listed on the depth chart after spring so it's likely he will serve on the scout team again.

Nickname (I Just Made Up): Mike "Highway to Gelz"