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Rudy Johnson no longer a Buffalo Bull

The Turner Gill Recruit chose a summer internship over football camp.

Rudy Johnson is no longer a Bull. The young man who was the subject of Bulls Run's first feature has been kicked off the team for violation of rules. The rules violated are reportedly "Student Athlete did not attend mandatory post spring game meeting." and "Student Athlete was not truthful and forthright with coaching staff about summer plans."

According to his father Johnson's decision to take advantage of an internship opportunity in his home state of Maryland.

"The real reason Rudy's scholarship was not renewed" Says his father, "was because he choose to take advantages of two internships in Maryland this summer (May – July) and coach Quinn told him that if he was not in Buffalo for summer conditioning that his scholarship would not be renewed and it was not."

Johnson, a high school quarterback, gave a verbal to coach Gill in the summer of 2009. When the coaching staffs changed that December he was assured by the incoming Jeff Quinn that he would be evaluated as a quarterback. Johnson though was one of a boat load of quarterbacks Quinn had while at the same time having a lack of depth at receiver.

That change meant a year of training off the field. Johnson did not let the setbacks on the field affect his work in the classroom. Last spring Johnson was on the deans list and was an All Conference Academic Honorable Mention. He will remain at UB for his senior year and is now looking forward to graduating in 2014.

Johnson is a class act. When interviewed by yours truly back in 2009 he said UBs academics were the main reason for his selection. So while being off the team is a setback it's one he will overcome in life.

Sorry we won't see more of you Rudy, you're a great kid with a bright future!