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MAC Blogger Roundtable - Let's Go Rockets

Out pals over at Let's Go Rockets are running the show this week

1. What one game left on your respective team’s schedule is an absolute must-win?

I'm going to go With Ohio. If UB beats Ohio and Miami they have the edge on the Bobcats in terms of final MAC standings. Then the only obstacle is Bowling Green who, hopefully, falls to Ohio. That sets up either a three way tie for the East or, if UB beats Toledo, it hands UB the MAC East regardless of what happens on black Friday.

2. Disregarding record and tie-ins, based on what you’ve seen through 9 weeks of the season, what one team would you like to have a shot at in a bowl or playoff game and why?

I'd love a shot at Rutgers in the Pinstripe Bowl. The emphasis on "New York" started last spring by Director White could have no better completion than the State University of New York taking taking on the team from New Jersey in the Bronx. It's also just one week after the Bulls basketball teams takes on Manhattan in the Barclay's center.

It would be a tough game but maybe winnable for UB if their defense has it's head on straight. Rutgers has been a bit schizophrenic this season will the be the team that beat Arkansas or the squad that needed overtime to beat SMU.

3. We’ve seen a bevy of new bowl games with MAC tie-ins. What’s your take on the additional bowl games -- good exposure for MAC teams, too many bowl games already, or something in the middle?

The "rotation" thing is growing on me. I honestly thought the talk was silly back when the trial balloons were floated out.

All of the locations beat the hell out of Boise and Detroit. The surplus of Bowl games giving 6-6 teams a chance is, in my opinion, a good thing. The Bowls that matter have not changed one bit and they will often take a 6-6 B1G team over a 10-2 MAC squad.

The extra bowls, especially in places like Miami, Tampa, and the Bahama's give mid major schools something to look forward to for a 7-10 win season. It also gives them the extra practice that bowl games grant . That extra practice is a much bigger factor in program building than people typically consider.

As long as the Bowls get sponsors and teams are ok with eating the cost why not have more football. The only other consideration is if the players consider the experience worth it. Judging by the smiles on the faces of seniors for winning the Beef O'Brady's bowl I'd say its worth it.

4. Power poll… rank the MAC teams 1-13.

  1. NIU
  2. Ball State
  3. Buffalo
  4. Toledo
  5. Ohio
  6. Bowling Green
  7. Kent
  8. CMU
  9. Akron
  10. EMU
  11. WMU
  12. UMass
  13. Miami