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NCAA Bowl Eligible Teams - Buffalo Bulls Defeat Kent State

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot for UB fans to digest here. For me I'm happy that the Bulls have shown the doubters that they are not just a pretty face smashing the borderline FCS teams of the world. To be perfectly clear I was one of those doubters.

After beating EMU, WMU, UConn, UMass, and Stony Brook people righfully looked at UB and said the Bulls were doing nothing other than taking candy from a baby. But now Buffalo has demolished Kent State.

The same Kent State that was a yard or so away from beating Ball State in Muncie. The same Kent State that was ahead of NIU in the third quarter. The same Kent State who traded punches with Bowling Green for a half of football.

Kent may not be the east power that they were last season but outside of Ohio State and Baylor they are easily the best team we have played so far this season.

"I couldn't be more proud of how this football team has responded.  We challenged them all week; we know we had to come on the road against a very good Kent State team.  Give Kent State a lot of credit, they played hard, they have a lot of good football players, but our guys weren't going to be denied today.  We knew the challenge and to be able to do it on the road against the defending MAC East champions say a lot about our football team." - Jeff Quinn

Alright so were bowl eligible and the current thinking is the spud bowl.

But what more can this talented senior laden team squeeze out of this season?

How about the MAC East.

* - Buffalo 4-0 6-2 Ohio, Bowling Geen, Miami Toledo
* - Ohio 3-1 6-2 Buffalo, Bowling Green, UMass, Kent
Bowling Green 3-1 5-3 Miami, Ohio, Buffalo EMU

The top three teams in the East have yet to face each other and once you get past Bowling Green things get pretty ugly.

Buffalo is in the cat bird seat but may have the hardest remaining schedule. While winning out makes the math simple it's hard to see UB beating Ohio, Bowling Green, and Toledo.  The fastest way for Buffalo to secure at least a share of the east would be to Beat Ohio November 5th and for Ohio to beat Bowling Green the gollowing week.

At 6-2 this is the best UB start of the Buffalo modern (Division 1) era. But there is a lot of room to make it an even more memorable season.