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Quick Thoughts on the MAC media Poll

Yes It's kind of like guessing this! via <a href="">Creative Commons License</a>
Yes It's kind of like guessing this! via Creative Commons License

So the MAC Media day goes by and the pundits all have their say at how things will shake out. There are no real surprises with the mass vote but a few things stick out.

West Division

West #1 Pts
Toledo 7 87
Northern Illinois 5 83
Western Michigan 4 79
Ball State 42
Eastern Michigan 34
Central Michigan 1 32

Toledo: Makes Sense, they were a play away from the West Division last season, have a decent cross division draw, and suffered fewer losses than Northern Illinois

NIU: You almost have to get some votes to win the division if you won it last season, and I suspect they will be pushing Toledo a bit.

WMU: Given the normal media love affair with Cubit I'm surprised they are not #2 in the Poll. They also have a good quarterback

BSU/EMU: Meh. Either one could push six wins, neither will challenge the top tier

CMU: Ok who in the heck picked them to win the west? Sure it *may* happen, like UB winning the east.

East Division:

East #1 Pts
Ohio 17 119
Bowling Green 91
Miami 84
Kent State 76
Buffalo 52
Akron 31
Umass 23

Ohio: Despite the fact Bowling Green went undefeated in the west between March and April they get no love from the voting public. Ohio, as the defending Champion and the only MAC East team with some consistent measure of play get all the first place votes.

Bowling Green: If people are expecting the Falcons to finish second than Clawsons seat might just be a bit more toasty than Jeff Quinn's

Miami/Kent: The soft squishy middle of the East they are clearly better than the Cellar but won't push Ohio.

Buffalo: Given our cross conference draw I'm surprised we beat out Akron. We don't even get to play the Zips this season

Akron: Long term things might be looking up for the zips but they have lost a ton of talent. iCoach left one hell of a rebuilding job.

UMass: The sad thing is this FCS team, with a bounce or two, could end up ahead of Akron and Buffalo.