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Talking Bull: Toledo a no go for post season play next year

Toledo will not be elidgable for post season basketball play next year, per hustle belt..

MACsketball: NCAA Denies Toledo's Postseason Ban Appeal - Hustle Belt
The Rockets are being punished for their low Academic Progress Rate, a number that measure how well a school is doing at getting their athletes to graduation. Toledo failed to meet the established standards of a four-year score of 900 and a two-year score of 930, which resulted in the ban.

While it stinks for the MAC, Toledo is definitely a team trending up, it's not going to kill us and is a just decision.

Even though this rule is best applied when you have school who throw standards out the window so they can win games you can't pick and choose. Anyone who's watched Toledo these last few years know that the rockets have not been running a basketball sweat shop. They made some bad coaching moves, players left (while in bad academic standing) and as a result their APR is below the cutoff.

What's the impact for the MAC?

Toledo was the only MAC west school to post a winning record last year, they were also the only MAC west team to play in the post season (CIT). The Rockets are likely going to be picked one or two in the west this season but I am still not convinced that the first seed in the west is going to be ranked ahead of #4 in the East.

It's a school which is caught in breaking a rule who did not benefit from breaking the rule. The Rockets will have to work hard, in the classroom, to start pulling those APR's up for 2014