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Next Bull Out? Inuka Rhaheed heading elsewhere

Rhaheed is marching to FAU via <a href=""></a>
Rhaheed is marching to FAU via

So far Jeff Quinns recruiting kryptonite seems to be defensive linemen from Florida.

Last season it was Pat "The Hammer" Williams who was firm in his UB verbal right up to the point where defending FCS champ Villinova offered him a scholarship. This season yet another Florida defensive lineman who committed fell through.

Unlike last year it was the Buffalo coaching staff, and not the recruit, who had second thoughts.

Rhaheed had previously been committed to Buffalo, but the school rescinded that offer. -- FAU Owl Access

Rhaheed plays both offensive and defensive line but was scouted as an offense prospect by most services. Though he often talks about his attributes as a defensive Tackle, it could be that Coach Quinn was more open to letting him got for the defensive line than the offensive line.

The Florida Atlantic Owls staff will now have to make that decision.

After Buffalo rescinded the offer Rhaheed reopened his search and had narrowed it down to FAU and New Mexico before settling on somewhere close to home.

"There's something about FAU that sticks out to me," I think this is the final spot for me." - Inuka Rhaheed

So where does this leave Buffalo's class? With information coming out at a far slower clip it's hard to know. But according to the recruiting services with about six weeks remaining the Bulls now have no defensive linemen lined up for this years class.