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Talking Bull: Pitt walks a mile in non-aq shoes

I see your true colors. Shining through!
I see your true colors. Shining through!

Hows that coaching turnover taste?

As AQ programs go I rather like Pitt so seeing them go through more coaching chaos brings some mixed emotion. Were this a program that I disliked I would be doing flips.... Awkward, clumsy, flips.

Open Letter To Former Pitt Coach Todd Graham And Arizona State - Cardiac Hill
Do you mean the same class that you showed by emailing a Pitt staffer to let your team know you were gone. The same class you exhibited when Steve Pederson reportedly asked you not to interview for the Arizona State job? Or would that be the same class you showed when you reportedly have been sending out feelers for other jobs?

This borders on Chutzpah. You fire the Stashe and hire a head coach from the MAC who has been at his school for just two years! That falls apart and you pick off a conference USA head coach. When he leaves for something he wanted more players, and fans, are besides themselves.... Welcome to our world.

Heck Turner Gill had just one winning season at Buffalo and got picked off by Kansas... He is now coaching Liberty

Turner Gill Named New Head Coach At Liberty - Rock Chalk Talk
The press release conveniently leaves off Gill's record and the fact he won just one conference game at Kansas, but mentions the win over Georgia Tech and the big comeback over Colorado. It also mentions the all Big 12 players he coached and, predictably, spends a good amount of time discussing his resurrection of the Buffalo program.

Two more years of Gill and maybe, maybe we hit another bowl game instead of starting from ground zero again.

A slight hope for sanity!

The pay for play managed to sneak one through with their "full cost of attendance" measure that would allow colleges to pay athletes with cash money. Fortunatly institutional resistance among colleges not so financially endowed is starting to mount.

Petition threatens NCAA's $2,000 athlete stipend - ESPN
Berst said 97 schools have signed onto the override measure, more than the 75 needed for the NCAA board to reconsider the stipend. If that number hits 125 by Dec. 26, the legislation would be suspended.

Either way, the Division I Board of Directors has three options: Rescind the stipend and operate under previous NCAA rules, modify the rule or create a new proposal that would go back to the schools for another 60-day comment period, or allow members to vote on the override. It would a take 5/8ths majority of the roughly 350 Division I members to pass.