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MAC Power Rankings: Next Stop! end of the Line

For several teams the train went off the tracks kind of early..
For several teams the train went off the tracks kind of early..

For more than half of the MAC the season is officially over for several a bowl is guarenteed and fore a few more there is hope of some post season MACtion.

It's the end of the line for:

iCoach: Relieved of duties almost as soon as the whistle blew on their last game

The Chazz Man: Gave Buffalo a little spark but not enough to win too many games

The Chip Dynasty: One bad season does not a dynasty end but two awful ones marks its passing

Kent's Doormat status: Not a winning season but better results and some decent recruits raise hopes

The Intimidating 'Clawfense': It's become pretty clear that Toledo made a better hire than Bowling Green.

Two FCS games: One game against FAU instead of an FCS team and EMU might be Bowling

A loaded Senior Class: Miami returned almost everyone but could not win the close games, next season they will have a lot of fresh faces.


Team Change Comment
NIU - Solid season by NIU but they lost the kind of games you must win to be ranked, like Kansas.
Toledo - Really a toss up with NIU they did lose by three but there out of conference results impress
Ohio - They choked twice against UB and Ball State but what should worry them in the MACC is the lack of comfortable wins
Temple - Temple is going to spend a lot of time near or at the top of the East eventually the ball will bounce their way
WMU 1 WMU came on really strong as the season wore on, they might catch a bowl opponent napping
Ball -1 Ball State has a very, very outside shot at a bowl they did well in the close games but not well enough
Miami 1 Way better than their record indicates, they lost their last three conference games by a score or less
EMU -1 looks nice on paper but EMU has just one 'good' win over the Broncos everyone else they beat was a loser
BGSU 1 Started strong then got really bad. Things look good in the future as they have, maybe, the next MAC's QB
Kent -1 Came on strong in the second half of the season but they just dug themselves too deep of a hole early on.
CMU 1 One of two MAC coaches who start 2012 with a very hot seat. CMU went from head basher to joke in two seasons
Buffalo -1 The other MAC coach with a very hot seat in 2012. You wont last long with wins over FCS teams and Akron.
Akron - The Coach hunt has begun and once again we learn "Notre Dame Pedigree" does not mean what it used to