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Quinnage - Jeff Quinns MAC Teleconference 11/22

Photo Credit and Thanks to MyBuffalo.Comvia <a href=""></a>
Photo Credit and Thanks to MyBuffalo.Comvia

It's not easy being beaten by green:

The Outcome was a reminder of what we need to do.

We needed to be reminded?

When pressed on the challenges and what he enjoyed about the challenges. Quinn said he enjoyed "building something special every day". That's pretty standard non infomative soundbiteage. I would have liked to hear some tangible, structural improvement from week one to week 12. It could be a minor as recruiting or as immediate current as the play of Neutz / Other wide outs.

From the "look to the future" aspect Coach talked about Recruiting and player development. He needs to get his players in place and he needs to get the guys on the roster to be physically transformed into what he needs. This mainly applies to the offensive line.

Zordich's name came up, Coach Quinn sounded pretty certain that Davis is the starter and that Zordich would be 100% in a week (not that it will do 2010 any good).

Finally Quinn talked about some of the things that were not done well by the defense last week. Akron is a run first play action pass team and given what EMU did to us we need to see that the defense can recover.

Quinnage 11/22