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Grades and Thoughts after an EMU beating....

The EMU Won... via <a href=""></a>
The EMU Won... via

I've had a day to settle down and reflect on the game, a game that I had thought UB might finally get it all together for. It turns out I thought wrong and now the Bulls are one more awful performance away from the MAC Cellar. An EMU team that had won just one game in two years never trailed and seldom had to sweat as they ran around, through, and over the Bulls. When the Eagles were not beating us on the ground they were perfectly executing play action to the tight end.

Even when the Bulls managed to hold EMU back the eagles turned their fourth downs into first downs. How in the world do you give up 200 yards rushing ot one EMU running back. The defense was awful, all around awful. How many times did the Bulls penetrate, stop the play only to see Dwayne Priest change field and run for eight or more yards.

The defense has been given a pass all year. Maybe it's because they are a decent squad, maybe its because the offense and special teams are so much more terrible. Whatever the reason the few decent games they have put together have been more a product of individualal effort than an all around dominating performance. This season the defense has done what needed to be done to keep UB in games, especially in the second half of the season, but drives like the one EMU opened up with in the 3rd are back breakers.

And the offense... oh the offense..

Alex Neutz was spectacular, the receivers as a whole bailed out Jerry Davis with almost every deep pass. And Davis needed the help I don't think I saw a single on target pass that was more than 15 yards, and none but a hand full which were shorter than that. Once again we can point at a lack of a running game and pretty significant pressure but the QB needs to carry the offense

The line has yet to put it all together this season, only when dealing with an FCS defensive line did they give the QB any time, or consistently open up holes. There is almost certainly going to be real challenges from incoming freshman to the group who served on the line this year.

On the odd chance that a member of the coaching staff reads this post please consider sticking Dennison back onto special teams. I'm sure you guys know more than I do but the *only* decent coverage in the past two years has come from Dennison.

Ok onto Grades:

Quarterbacks: C+

vs E. Michigan / 11.20.10 Passing Rushing
Comp Att Pct Yds TD Rush Yds Avg TD
Jerry Davis 20 32 60.0 222 2 8 42 5.3 0

Probably the second best game he has had all season. His passes were still a bit off the mark but his decision making was 100 times better than it has been. I think this is the first game since Rhode Island in which he threw more touchdowns than interceptions. It was also the first game since Bowling Green that Davis threw better than 50%

Running Backs: F

When Davis is the best rusher you have there is a problem. The backs don't get to blame the line any more there was no pop even when the O-Line did make a whole and EMU is the *WORST GROUND DEFENSE IN THE NATION*. The backs looked like they were going in slow motion.

Wide Outs: A

vs E. Michigan / 11.20.10 Receiving
Rec Yards Avg TD
Alex Neutz 7 112 16.0 0

Neutz was something special, and will be something special for years to come. On a day when we were reflecting on what the seniors leaving have done in the past Alex Neutz was busy giving us a look at the future.

Offensive Line: F

EMU has a terrible defense, there was no reason why the Bulls should not have been able to produce a one hundred yard performance. Except that the line has not been able to clear running lanes all season. The #2 and #4 running backs on this team are QB's running for their life and Zordich got there in four games.

Defensive Line: D

You gave up 200 yards to priest and multiple QB scampers for five or more yards. They did do some damage in the passing game but not enough to salvage the game

Line backers: C

As a unit they were not very effective against the run and very good at pressuring the quarterback. Where they were totally ineffective was covering the tight end when he broke.

Defensive Backs: A-

I could be wrong but it looks like the really bad plays agaisnt the tight ends were man coverage, that falls on the linebackers. The Wide receivers did surprising little damage to UB. This senior laden unit will be sorely missed net season.

Special Teams: F

Dennison, Dennison, ....