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Sometimes you look like you're better when you're not.

John Rachuna scored UB first points in eight Quarters
John Rachuna scored UB first points in eight Quarters

In past weeks I have felt *slightly* better about the future of this program then I did immeadatly following the game. This week it was just the opposite/. Right after the Miami game all I could think about was the fact UB was a play or two away from really being in this game. I thought Zordich looked better (not good but better), the Defense kept it close, special teams ware respectable.

Then I remembered this was Miami, and record aside Miami is a Pretty bad team. The RedHawks are one of the worst scoring defenses in the nation. Before this weekend they given up less than 20 points only once this year, to a Colorado State team which is easily one of the worst in the nation. Once I factored in how we looked against *that* defense my luke warm feelings about yesterdays game turned mostly cold.

Watching the drive chart was not exactly encouraging.


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.


It was great to see a more diverse set of patterns run to, and thrown to, by UB's offense. The running game was still anemic and the workload given to Jeffvon Gill shows that it may not matter who gets the work. At this point in the season its becoming more and more clear that the depth on the line, and the history of the line as a pro set squad is the bottleneck this season.

No matter what UB tries, no matter who is in, UB's offense sputters and fails (often moving backwards). The only common denominator is coaching and the line.

Quarterbacks: C

Zordich looked a bit better than last week but the streak or poor performances continues for UB. His struggles were those you would expect out of a player in his second game. He did a bad job reading the Blitz, held the ball too long, and locked onto certain routes at the line (and missed some wide open opportunities because of it).

Running Backs: C-

I don't know what the problem is with this group? Is it the line? the lack of a passing game? or the play calling? The running game averaged less than three yards per carry, again.

Aside from poor running there was also several plays where they completely failed to pick up the blitz.

Receivers: B+

Nothing dropped, nice patterns, and good blocking down field on the few occasion when our running game got to the second level.

Offensive Line: C-

There were few third downs on which Zordich had any kind of passing game, there was not running game up the middle. The on really bright play was the Zordich TD run on which they ran like a wall down the left side.


The defense played far better than the score would indicate, Miami had just one scoring drive of 50+ yards (54). The RedHawks other scoring drives were 48 and 42 yards. The problem, again, was the Defense getting setup time and time again against an opponent who only needs one or two first downs to get within field goal range.

Defensive Line: B-

Not a ton of pressure on Dysert but they did limit the running game and were very solid on third and short.

Linebackers: B

Good pressure and solid outside containment for most of the game.

Defensive Backs: B

Dysert is one of the better QB's in the MAC and the defensive backs picked him off twice and kept him to under 250 yards.

Special Teams: C+

A missed FG and a missed Extra point were pretty costly in this game, aside from that the special teams unit played a pretty decent game.