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MAC Power Rankings: Election Week Edition

If each MAC team was a candidate for the US senate:

Rank Team    
1 Northern Illinois Barbara Boxer: CA - Like Boxer NIU was viewed as a sure thing this summer. Then during a rocky September many questioned their fate NIU lost to ISU and Boxer fell behind a republican in CA. A solid October has put both in a winning position.
2 Temple Charlie Crist: FL - Neither Crist or Temple have a lot of potential without any real commitment, they are both always looking to jump to a better conference/party. They are not really the favorite to win it all but you can't count them out.
3 Ohio Mark Kirk: Il - A slight underdog this year Mark Kirk is in a position to upset an opponent who is a structural favorite just like the Bobcats are in a position to upset a much higher spending Temple program.
4t Toledo Richard Blumenthal : CT - Both have laid down quite a few impressive gaffs this year. Blumenthal claimed to serve in Vietnam, which he did not and Toledo got taken behind the woodshed on ESPN to open the season. Both have recovered quite well and will have a winning year
4t Western Michigan Michael Bennet: CO - Bennnet will likely lose hose race but he will keep it much close than many thought. Western Michigan won't win the MAC but they are going to be a factor in he Bowl race if they keep playing like they did today
6 Miami John Boozman: AR - Everyone knew there was a chance that Blanch Lincoln might be in a little trouble this year and everyone knew Miami would be a little better. Nobody counted on big Boozman or the red Hawks would win this year.
7 Kent State Russ Feingold: WI - Kent is having a seriously disappointing season, beating up on Ball State is not going to change that. Like Feingold they were supposed better than they have been.
8 Bowling Green Joe Sestak: PA - This was supposed to be a lock for whichever democrat escaped the primary but Sestak has floundered from the gun. Bowling Green has been awful since week one and can't stop anyone from running against them.
9 Central Michigan Harry Reid: NV - Central Michigan has been at, or near, the top of the MAC for an impressively long time. That winning streak, and their bowl streak is on the line, even if they play perfectly from this point on their reign, like Reids, is probably over.
10 Eastern Michigan Jack Conway: TN - The deck always seemed to be stacked against the Eagles, but during Ron English's tenure the amount of internal turmoil (most recently the suspensions) at EMU is almost as much as in Conway's campaign.
11 Ball State Christine O'Donnell: DE - Only which craft can explain how Ball State has went from a program on the rise to a program that lost to EMU this season. Voters in Delaware are going to boot O'Donnell this year, can Muncie keep Parish around much longer?
12 Buffalo Joe Miller: AK - After an impressive start to his campaign Joe Miller is fading fast, but not as fast as Buffalo who is quickly becoming a laughing stock in the MAC. The Bulls offense has been non existent in recent weeks.
13 Akron Alvin Greene: SC - Is there any politician which better represents Akron this season? Greene tripped his way out of the primary and Akron has done nothing but trip up all year. While miracles can happen the odds of Greene becoming a senator and Akron winning the game are quickly converging