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The Bull Run Inquisition: The Owls Nest

Buffaloinquisition_mediumTime to drag another unfortunate soul before the Bull Run Inquisition.

This weeks victim is Dave Gerson, the proprietor of "The Owls Nest". Dave personally tempted fate when he asked to stand before our Pain Technicians (back in the day we called them torturers).

While Temple might win the game I can fall back on torturing him and point out that I am beating him pretty soundly in the MAC Blogger Pick'em (Hold onto the little victories in life)

On to the inquisition!

Bull Run: In the past two weeks you were eviscerated by NIU and then just survived Bowling Green. Has this, and the performance of Miami and Ohio, created any doubt about winning the division this season?

TON:  I have plenty of faith in this team and this coaching staff that in the upcoming few weeks we'll be playing our top ball. This team is over the loss at Northern Illinois, and regardless of how you win it's still a W against Bowling Green in any book. I'm not concerned with how poor we have played the past few weeks, because we've seen some significant changes made across the depth chart to test things out. The Owls will be prepared for the rest of this season, and will not allow for a repeat of BGSU against our next opponent in Buffalo.

Bull Run: Several Big Ten spots might be opening up this season (Minnesota, possibly Penn State)... Assuming Penn State opens and Golden does not get it do you see him as being more likely to take another job?
TON: Coach Golden has not been interested in any of the offers that college football teams have reached out to him with. He has turned down offers from the Big East, Notre Dame, ACC, and Pac 10 already, and I would expect he will do the same with Minnesota. It is almost certain that Coach Golden is looking to return to his alma mater at Penn State at some point, and based on his body of work I do not see why he wouldn't be the man for the job in the near future.
Point of Order: He was not offered a job by ND, anyone in the ACC, or the PAC 10. He turned down interviews with these programs.There was a rumor that SU offered him but I've never seen anything official.

Bull Run: How much of Pierce sitting has been injury and how much has been the suprising play of his backup?
TON: All of it has been injury. Pierce began the season injured, and has played injured almost the entire time as well. He suffered a head injury late into camp, and then was taken down awkwardly against Penn State. When BP is at full health it's safe to say you're going to have a hard time containing him. Having Matt Brown as a #2 back makes things that much better. The Bulls better be ready for BP.
Bull Run: Last Season Mike Gibson at "Temple Football Forever" said Temple and UB could not have a rivalry until Temple Actually beat UB, that event has now transpired. Does Buffalo/Temple start to feel like a rivalree game to Temple fans or is it 'just another MAC game'.
TON: If there's any rivalry, I think that it would stem off of the hail mary that won Buffalo the game back in 2008. The got the talk of next year's game going right away. A rivalry in my opinion would be a game that is always competitive and down to the wire for 60 straight minutes: example Villanova. I'm not necessarily saying that Temple and Buffalo are at different levels of talent, but once we see less lobsided outcomes for both teams I don't really consider this a "rivalry".
Point of Order: Score of Buffalo Temple Games since 2005, average difference in the score five points.

    Buffalo Temple
9/26/2009 @ Temple 13 37
9/13/2008 vs. Temple 30 28
9/8/2007 @ Temple 42 7
8/31/2006 vs. Temple 9 3
      23.5 18.75


Bull Run: Predictions for the game?

TON: I think that the Temple offense gets rolling against Buffalo this weekend. A healthy Bernard Pierce, hopefully some sort of established passing game, and a defense that isn't on the field all that often, I'll take the Owls 31-10.

Aww hell, that was close to my prediction, here is to hoping we are both wrong...