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NCAA Tournament 2015: TV schedule and live streaming for THursday's Sweet 16 action

Buffalo fans can either obsess over contract / DePaul rumors or enjoy the remainder of the NCAA tournament.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Into the sweet 16...

If you're a Buffalo fan you may be tempted to root for West Virginia. If I have to lose to somebody I'd like it to be a final four or championship team. Add to that the bonus chuckle obtained from seeing their fans die a little bit every time the announcers talk about Bobby Hurley during their games.

But if you're not the forgiving type maybe you pull for Wichita State to upset Notre Dame. It was just a few years ago the Bulls and Shocker squared off in the CBI and I'd like to see their success as evidence that UB too can become nationally relevant.

Both of UB's big name regualr season opponents are playing. Wisconsin takes on North Carolina and of course Kentucky is getting a taste of Press Virginia.

The last game of the night is on TBS and features Xavier and Arizona. I have no love or hate for either school.

7:15 PM (7) Wichita St vs (3) Notre Dame* CBS
7:47 PM (4) North Carolina vs (1) Wisconsin* TBS
9:45 PM (5) West Virginia vs (1) Kentucky* CBS
10:17 PM (6) Xavier vs (2) Arizona* TBS