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SBNation Blog Poll 25: Bull Run Ballot

Well a missed field goal by Boise, a choke by Oklahoma State, and the specter of a Big 10 whose top teams all ate each other have brought us here.

The very real, and very disappointing prospect of a rematch between LSU and Alabama is upon us. Only Georgia stands between America and a rematch that featured field goals... Just field goals.

Distasteful though it may be I just dont see how a sane person can rank the top two teams teams any differently.

Next season I will be rooting, in vein, for UB to take down the Bulldogs. But during the SEC championship game? well we are all Bulldog fans here at UBBullRun!

Houston is busy chasing down Boise and is, in fact, ahead of them in many polls but until they take on Southern Miss, a ranked team, and beat them convincingly I still have them one spot behind.

Speaking of Southern Miss I have them just on the outside. That UAB Loss really messed up their season. Without it they are probably in the teens.

Tulsa falls out after losing to Houston and Georgia tech rumbles on out of the top 25.

The Big East made a run into the top 25 with West Virginia and Cincinnati each earning their way in.