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Purple Raider Open recap: Patrick, Holcomb take Silver, 7 Bulls Place

While much attention has been paid recently to the main lineup of UB Wrestling, there are guys that are taking a redshirt season that are still gaining valuable experience in open competitions throughout the season. Today, eleven Bulls took part in the Purple Raider Open with 7 placing highlighted by runner-up finishes from Justin Patrick and Derek Holcomb.

Patrick stormed through the competition at 125 pounds, earning 3 decision victories and a major decision victory before bowing out of the tournament before the 1st place match due to medical reasons. With his 4 win performance Patrick improved to 25-6 in his redshirt season.

Derek Holcomb won by major decision over Michigan State's Logan Ritchie in the semifinals at 165 pounds to advance to the gold medal match where he was defeated by Kent State's Jaroid James.

In addition to Patrick and Holcomb, Nate Rose, Nolan Terrance, and Ryan Kromer all reached the semifinals in their respective brackets. Rose withdrew due to medical reasons after his semifinal match and finished in 6th place, Terrance placed 6th and Kromer 3rd.

Alex Smythe and Brett Perry round out the place finishers for UB coming in 6th and 3rd respectively.


125 - Justin Patrick - 2nd Place - (4-1)
Champ. Round 1 - Justin Patrick (Buffalo) dec. Jt Ayers (Notre Dame College), 7-5

Champ. Round 2 - Justin Patrick (Buffalo) maj. dec. Luke Nace (Ohio University), 12-3

Quarterfinal - Justin Patrick (buffalo unattached) dec. Dylan Shockey (Ashland), 6-0

Semifinal - Justin Patrick (buffalo unattached) dec. Ivan McClay (Notre Dame College) (Dec 4-3)

1st Place Match - Austin Assad (Michigan) won by medical forfeit over Justin Patrick (Buffalo)

157 - Alex Smythe - 6th Place - (4-3)
Champ. Round 1 - Alex Smythe (Buffalo) SV-1 Morgan Way (Clarion), 6-4

Champ. Round 2 - Dayton Racer (VA-SRTC) maj. dec. Alex Smythe (Buffalo), 14-6

Cons. Round 2 - Alex Smythe (Buffalo) dec. Mason McCollum (Mercyhurst), 9-4

Cons. Round 3 - Alex Smythe (Buffalo) tech fall Jacob Tremoulis (Mount Union), 18-3

Cons. Round 4 - Alex Smythe (Buffalo) maj dec Bailey Hicks (Ohio State), 17-4

Cons Semi - BC Laprade (VA-SRTC) dec. Alex Smythe (Buffalo), 6-2

5th Place Match - Ben Heyob (Kent State) dec. Alex Smythe (Buffalo), 7-3

165 - Derek Holcomb - 2nd Place - (3-1)

Champ. Round 2 - Derek Holcomb (Buffalo) dec. Bret Romanzak (Ashland), 4-0

Quarterfinal - Derek Holcomb (Buffalo) dec. Christian Price (Ashland), 5-0

Semifinal - Derek Holcomb (Buffalo) maj. dec. Logan Ritchie (Michigan State), 16-6

1st Place Match - Jaroid James (Kent State) dec. Derek Holcomb (Buffalo), 7-4

165 - Addrian Ferrarie - (0-2)
Champ. Round 1 - Zach Colgan (Niagara CC) dec. Addrian Ferrarie (Buffalo), 5-4

Cons. Round 2 - Zach Voytek (Unattached) dec. Addrian Ferrarie (Buffalo), 9-5

174 - Ryan Kromer - 3rd Place - (5-1)
Champ. Round 1 - Ryan Kromer (Buffalo) dec. Dontae McGee (Ohio University), 12-5

Champ. Round 2 - Ryan Kromer (Buffalo) maj. dec.Austin Antill (Ohio Valley University), 11-1

Quarterfinal - Ryan Kromer (Buffalo) dec. Emilio Fowler (Notre Dame College), 5-1

Semifinal - Cody Hughes (Virginia Tech) SV-1 Ryan Kromer (Buffalo), 7-3

Cons. Semi - Ryan Kromer (Buffalo) dec. Shane Mast (Kent State), 4-1

3rd Place Match - Ryan Kromer (Buffalo) maj. dec. Krik Johnson (Purdue)

174 - Ryan Therrien - (2-2)
Champ. Round 2 - Shane Mast (Kent State) tech fall Ryan Therrien (Buffalo), 17-0

Cons. Round 2 - Ryan Therrien (Buffalo) maj dec. Andrew Wood (Gannon), 12-4

Cons. Round 3 - Ryan Therrien (Buffalo) maj. dec. Chad Decker (Eastern Michigan), 14-4

Cons. Round 4 - Brooks Wilding (Virginia Tech) dec. Ryan Therrien (Buffalo), 8-6

184 - Brett Perry - 3rd place - (5-1)
Champ. Round 1 - Nick Corba (Cleveland State) maj. dec. Brett Perry (Buffalo), 11-0

Cons. Round 1 - Brett Perry (Buffalo) pinned Iliamin Turdubaev (University of Cincinnati), 4:29

Cons. Round 2 - Brett Perry (Buffalo) maj. dec. Michael Delsanter (Mount Union), 18-4

Cons. Round 3 - Brett Perry (Buffalo) maj. dec. Conner Murry (Notre Dame College), 18-4

Cons. Semi - Brett Perry (Buffalo) won by medical forfeit over Conner Rogers (Mount Union)

3rd Place Match - Brett Perry (Buffalo) maj. dec. Johnathan Morales (Purdue), 15-7

184 - Keegan Harris - (1-2)
Champ. Round 1 - Michael Delsanter (Mount Union) dec. Keegan Harris (Buffalo), 3-2

Cons. Round 2 - Keegan Harris (Buffalo) dec. Nick Shawley (Clarion), 6-0

Cons. Round 3 - Johnathan Morales (Purdue) dec. Keegan Harris (Buffalo), 6-3

197 - Nate Rose - 6th Place - (2-3)
Champ. Round 2 - Nate Rose (Buffalo) tech fall Matt Patrick (Pittsburgh), 23-7

Quarterfinal - Nate Rose (Buffalo) maj. dec. Kyler Slade (Ohio State), 17-6

Semifinal - Jackson Striggow (Michigan) dec. Nate Rose (Buffalo), 5-3

Cons Semi - Nate Hall (Ohio University) won by medical forfeit over Nate Rose (Buffalo)

5th Place Match - Reynold Maines (Clarion) won by medical forfeit over Nate Rose (Buffalo)

285 - Ian James - (2-2)
Champ. Round 2 - Zack Parker (Ohio University) dec. Ian James (Buffalo), 4-2

Cons. Round 2 - Ian James (Buffalo) maj. dec. Ryan Durham (Cincinnati), 12-1

Cons. Round 3 - Ian James (Buffalo) major decision Michael Crockett (Notre Dame College), 13-3

Cons. Round 4 - Brandon Taylor (Virginia Tech) dec. Ian James (Buffalo), 3-1

285 - Nolan Terrance - 6th Place - (2-3)
Champ. Round 2 - Nolan Terrance (Buffalo) dec. Tyler Gilbertson (Mount Union), 7-3

Quarterfinal - Nolan Terrance (Buffalo) dec. Mark Dunsing (Ohio University), 4-3

Semifinal - Andrew Dunn (VT-SRTC) dec. Nolan Terrance (Buffalo), 6-3

Cons. Semi - Devin King (Ohio University) SV-1 Nolan Terrance, 3-1

5th Place Match - James Ford (Purdue) dec. Nolan Terrance (Buffalo), 3-2