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MAC Freshman Of The Year: Where Does Georgia Woolley Stand?

Freshman guard Georgia Woolley

First, let’s recognize Buffalo’s two other MAC Freshman of the Year winners: Heather Turner in 2005, and Dyaisha Fair in 2019.

Georgia Woolley currently leads MAC freshman in scoring, by a rather comfortable margin right now, after pumping in 80 points in her last 3 games.

Rank Player Pts/Game
1 Woolley, Buffalo 13.2
2 Bass, Akron 10.9
3 Wolf, Miami 10.2
4 Velasco, BG 10.2
5 Becki, Ball State 9.8
6 Mace, Ohio 9.4
7 Cook, Toledo 8.9
8 Timpe, CMU 8.4
9 Miller, BG 8.1
10 Cluse, Miami 6.9

Woolley also leads the MAC freshman (tied) with 1.8 steals per game. She is third among MAC freshman in free throw shooting at 80.6% and third among MAC freshman in three point shooting percentage at 34% (after starting the season 1-for-13). She leads MAC freshman in points per minute at exactly 0.5.

Among the other contenders, Reagan Bass of Akron is currently shooting 56.2% from the floor. She would be leading all MAC players in field goal percent, but is not shown in the MAC field goal percent leaders, probably because she hasn’t taken enough shots. Bass shoots 81.4% from the free throw line (second among MAC freshman).

Allie Becki from Ball State leads MAC freshman with a 40.2% three-point shooting percentage and a 50.7% field goal shooting percentage.

But among those other names, none shows up at or near the top as often as Woolley, when viewd across all statistical categories.