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Women’s MAC Semifinals Preview: #2 Buffalo vs. #6 Western Michigan

The MAC Championship is in sight...but can Buffalo reach it?

Photo Courtesy of UB Athletics

Buffalo Bulls Women’s Basketball is back in action today with a MAC Semifinals matchup against the #6 Western Michigan Broncos. This is just the second time that UB will meet WMU this season after defeating the Broncos, 71-49, in January.

Western Michigan makes it the MAC’s final four after upsetting a very dangerous Ball State team on Wednesday by nine points. The Broncos used a three-point barrage to stretch the Cardinals thin throughout the game.

I’d be surprised if we don’t see much of the same from WMU today. UB’s talent level is a little higher than Ball State’s, especially down low with players like Cassie Oursler and Summer Hemphill. So even if WMU hits some three-balls, they’ll have some trouble opening up the front court.

The top player to look out for on Western Michigan’s end is Breanna Mobley, who currently averages 16.4 points and 8.3 rebounds a contest. Mobley will have no problem getting high quality shots if the Bulls aren’t careful defending the interior. If they lock it up down low, UB’s exceptional perimeter defense from Reid and Dillard should more than punch a ticket to the MAC finals.

UB’s offense will likely have a more balanced look to it than Wednesday’s Reid-Dillard explosion against Kent State. WMU doers a good job at keeping opposing offenses on their toes by switching between zone and man-to-man, especially when a single player is going off.

The Bottom Line

UB is in a fantastic position at reaching the MAC finals for the second time in three years. WMU might hang around for a bit, but I really expect the Bulls to pull away in this one as they are much stronger defensively than the Broncos. I expect a big game from Cierra Dillard from beyond the arc and wouldn’t be shocked by a 15+ point effort from Oursler.

Official Bull Run Prediction: Bulls 76 - Broncos 63