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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball Post-Game Roundup: #1 Ohio Upset

It was a nice win, and along with it a lot of nice post-game coverage.

UB Athletics

After the women's big win over Ohio, it was time to sit down and chew on a lot of post-game material. Luckily for you, we have the bulk of it right here:

If your excitement wasn't at this level then how are you a UB fan?

The first press conference of the day was Coach Jack. She was joined by Karin Moss, Stephanie Reid, and Joanna Smith as they talked about the amazing win:

Then you have Ohio's Bob Boldon and Quiera Lampkins. Let's just say they weren't too excited about the loss:

Here's some short player interviews as well:

Joanna Smith

Stephanie Reid

Karin Moss

There's also a nice quality GIF out there too:

The women are set to play #5 Akron in the MAC semi-finals at 12:00PM EST. Coverage will air on ESPN3