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Buffalo Bulls vs Bowling Green Falcons recap: Takeaways from UB's dominant home win

UB Athletics


Matt's Takes

1. Joanna Smith outperformed her regular-season matchups against BG...

Not by a huge amount, just a few points, but it was enough, especially the way things started. A similar early lead against Ohio would go a long way.

2. ... and the rebounding remained hilarious

For the record, Bowling Green did indeed have more offensive rebounds than Smith did field goals, but only one. On top of UB's nice advantage on the glass, Lauren Tibb's insistence on kicking the ball outside accentuated even further the difference in the paint.

As I've been saying for a bit, the rebounding hasn't just been good against Bowling Green; against the Bobcats in the more recent win UB won the battle 42-29.

3. Depth played a quietly huge role

It's hard to see it after the fact in a game that wasn't within 10 at any point over the last 33 minutes, but UB got bigtime minutes from bench players, especially at the end of the first half, when Steph Reid and Cassie Oursler each picked up second fouls in quick succession. Camera Miley and Mariah Suchan - both of whom have had bigger roles this year than the broadcast team of Paul Peck and Amy Audibert would have you believe - stepped up big over the final four minutes. Had Bowling Green surged to within 7 or 8 there, I think the second half goes a lot differently.

4. Three straight winning seasons is a first since 2001

This has been locked up for a bit, but is nice.

Robby's Takes

1. We never trailed and it was a great feeling

The best thing to see is when a team comes out with high energy and scores right out of the gate. Bowling Green did not have that and it worked to our advantage. For a team that is supposed to be on the same level as us (in which I mean seeding), they didn't look like it. This game was just about over at the half. I couldn't see the Falcons coming back from a 35-22 deficit, especially when the Bulls slowed the pace down.

Essentially my takeaway is summed up like this: We looked really good.

2. We won and took only two free throws in the process

The state of this team can easily be shown with this stat. Buffalo only took two free throws on the night and still dominated. This is the best basketball this team has played all year and it's quite scary. I didn't think you could rebound this well consistently against your opponents. This team makes it look easy to hold a team under 50. Although I'd enjoy more tries at the free throw line, yours truly is not complaining one bit.

3. Only complaint: Shot Selection

I understand, the game was very well wrapped up at the half. Shooting in the second half was atrocious though as the Bulls shot for 33%. There were so many questionable shots that can't happen against #1 Ohio. I question if this team can take it a step further and be even more efficient on the offense (while playing this incredibly solid defense). If this happens, I will be legitimately scared of how good this team is.