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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball: 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

Robby Johnson

We know that the men's team is heading to Providence to take on Miami, but what about the women? Tonight we'll know as the selection show starts at 7:00PM. If you're in the area, there will also be a watch party at Santora's on Transit. Meanwhile, we'll take a look at what the "experts" have to say on where the women will be playing in this year's NCAA Tournament.

  • ESPN's Charlie Creme has the ladies playing against #3 Ohio State. This is the best option for travel (next to Syracuse) since the women's tourney holds the first round games at the highest seed's arena. If this happens, there's no excuse for you to get down to Columbus if Providence is too far away.
  • College Sports Madness puts Buffalo down as a 14 seed against the #3 Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky is beatable as a few unranked SEC opponents have slipped through to win against them.
  • Real Time RPI also wants to continue the trend of Buffalo teams going to their first dance in Columbus. The site has #2 Ohio State taking on the 15 seeded Bulls.
I really like the chances of us playing in Columbus because the NCAA is going to try and give geographic advantage. If Syracuse gets a three seed or we move up to a 13, a matchup with them in Syracuse is very possible. That would be an incredible storyline considering it's Coach Jack's alma mater. If the ladies get knocked back to a 15 seed, they will most likely be taking a trip to College Park to take on #2 Maryland. The chances of many alumni and fans being able to travel distance are good for the Bulls.

If any of this changes throughout the day, we'll update it in a timely fashion.