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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball vs Miami RedHawks Takeaways Recap

UB Athletics

The women are back on track after a nice win over the Miami RedHawks. Here's the takeaways:

Robby's Takes

1. That full court press is quite the game changer

Throughout this season we've seen a good combination of the press and a 3-2 zone from the women's basketball team. The solid defense returned in this win versus Miami but it didn't seem to be enough at the half. The Bulls trailed 20-18 and they needed to switch something up. For the large bulk of the third quarter, the women played nothing but the full court press and it was definitely the answer. The offense really picked up after every stop as UB outscored the RedHawks 23-8 in the third quarter alone. I will not complain if we see an aggressive press like that more often.

2. Brittany Morrison is the surprise missing piece as of late.

I'm one of the opponents to Coach Jack's ways of starting a player after they had one outlier good game. Well, my foot is in my mouth this time (which I'm ok with) as Morrison backed it up big time. In the women's loss to Eastern Michigan, she had a solid double-double effort of 13 points and 11 rebounds. Morrison had another great game against Miami as she compiled a near double-double with her 9 points and 7 rebounds. She also added a pair of blocks to that total as well. I'm all for starting her if she's going to put up good numbers like that to lighten up the load on Joanna Smith.

3. 33% shooting isn't going to cut it

Buffalo was lucky that they we were facing Miami here. Shooting is going to need to be better than that on a consistent basis against other teams (no offense to Miami). Overall, it was a great game for the Bulls but this is something that needs to improve. There's no guarantee that this team is going to hold somebody under 40 or even 60 every game.

4. They're slowly getting back to the team they once were

I still have yet to be able to put my finger on what happened after they lost to Hofstra but the team that started out undefeated seems to be regrouping nicely. Perhaps it's just the inexperience of a team that's mostly freshmen and sophomores that lead to the mid-season collapse. Either way, the scary defense is making it look like things are heading in the right direction. Just in time for the tourney too.

Player of the Game: Brittany Morrison

She's the biggest surprise and has been a huge game changer on the defensive side of the ball. Hopefully this continues.