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2016-17 Buffalo Women’s Basketball Previews: Liisa Ups

Although she didn’t wow the crowd with her performances last season, Liisa Ups was a crucial leader and motivator for last year’s championship squad. This year, expect to see more from the other Ups sister.

The Basics

Number: 3

Year: Junior

Position: Guard

Hometown: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Height: 5-9

New to Buffalo?


UB Career

While she didn’t add a ton to the table her freshman year, Ups had a large role for the first half of her sophomore season. Liisa started practically every game up until the Bulls’ mid-season skid in January. Her best game came in UB’s loss to Ball State where she scored 9 points, dished four assists, and brought in four rebounds. Ups has shown she can be a very capable secondary scorer through efforts like the one that was previously mentioned, all that’s been lacking is consistency.

Further Reading and Viewing:

Because of the nature of women’s basketball coverage and the limited role she’s had so far, I can’t scrape much together for you.

2016-17 Outlook

Chances are we’re going to see more from Liisa Ups from this season but I’m not sure where exactly she’s going to fit in the picture. It’ll definitely be off of the bench but I think it’ll be when Coach Jack wants to play with some more size at the guard positions. I had originally considered that maybe she’ll have a backup point guard role but that is probably taken up by Gabi Bade. Regardless, Ups has been praised as one of the harder workers and better leaders of this team and Coach Jack really wants get her involved more.